Palm Coast is one of the newest cities in Florida.  Located on I-95 just south of St. Augustine ( the oldest city in North America), 20 minutes north of Daytona Beach, and 1 hour east of Orlando, it offers both family and retirement living in an environment that is within commute to the widest diversity of activities in the state.  It’s location in the north quarter of the peninsula also provides a temperate winter climate coupled with the advantage of cooler summers.  In addition, the unique indented shoreline of Palm Coast’s  seaside location seems to give protection from severe weather ( In known history, the Palm Coast area has never been  hit by hurricanes or other severe weather phenomena).  Palm Coast is served by three major airports, Orlando International, Jacksonville International and Daytona International , all within 1 hour from the city.  In addition, the local Flagler Airport serves both private and light commercial traffic.

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